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In this section you'll find an ever growing list of Cuban or Spanish Restaurants (check back often for updates). 

Right now we are featuring a South Florida list.



MATEO's Cafe'


We would like to spotlight a very special place. It's the restaurant owned by one of our friends and (Cape Coral) neighbor to be. The place is called Mateo's Little Havana Cafe'Also found in the Florida list.

When in Cape Coral, please make sure you make a personal visit to Mateo's Cafe in Cape Coral Pkwy. It's a very casual, very modest but very friendly place, much like stopping by your Cuban's best friend kitchen.  We recommend lunch any day, except for Thursdays when we heartily recommend Dinner.  This is because Thursdays is music night at Mateo's. Which means in addition to special dinner dishes, Cafe Mateo's features the Trio Inolvidable, a current day version of those trios long gone by.   Trio Inolvidable sings old Cuban, Puerto Rican and other Spanish popular standards in a style reminiscent and made popular by Trio Matamoros, Trio Los Panchos, etc. You'll find Trio Inolvidable is truly inolvidable and a bargain to boot. For the modest price of dinner (and what we hope will be a generous tip to the trio) they will sing around your table and all around you.  If they do come to your table and you don't have a particular song in mind, ask for Guantanamera  or Borinquen, both international juggernauts timeless hits that Inolvidable sings extremely well. In fact we couldn't find a song that Inovildable didn't sing well.  And to top it off, you'll be munching on home cooked meals, while sipping cold Materva or cerveza and laughing it up with friends. What more could you ask for?  Trio Inolvidable plays at Mateo's Cafe 7-9pm every Thursday.

ABOUT THE MAN: Mateo himself is a Renaissance like individual, trained as a nuclear Engineer, he's also a cook and an artist. Once you've seen His unique Cubano sculptures and other Cuban themed artworks you'll never forget them.  Mateo is the personification of the affable, friendly, generous, talented and very witty Cuban entrepeneur.  His father owns a more established, expensive nightclub in nearby Ft Myers.  If you are lucky you will meet Mateo's "vieja" (his mom in Cuban lingo) a very young looking fan of Mateo.

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Location: Southwest Florida

Restaurants:  58+

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